People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will be running amuck very soon and probably protesting the “wrong-doing” of a crafted artistry. The explanation is based around the fact that the biggest forecasted fabric trend in the fall and winter collections are fur. With this season designers have become very innovative with this controversial, insulated, and gorgeous material. Designers such as Donna Karen, Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, and many more have implemented this fabric in at least more than one look in all of their fall 2012 collections. My personal favorite was the fur back pack Kanye West created.


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One of Oscar de la Rentas pieces “featured a pink fox vest over a silk blouse with jewel-encrusted sleeves and pink pants tucked into booties dripping with shaggy fur” (Supplemental material).  Oscar also had hats that were “made of multicolored mink, they tilted this way and dipped that, like something out of Dr. Seuss” (Phelps, 2012). This fabric does have reason and necessary use; however some fabrics that have been shown such as invisible netting don’t have practicality for this season. The fabric is sheer, is usually black, and drapes quite a bit and looks like it derives from a luxurious gothic look. Another major fabric that goes along with the gothic look that has been predicted is leather especially in Kanye West’s fall 2012 collection. Feiereisen proves that “fall 2012 was certainly a big step up from his debut, but there was still something contrived and forced about the leather and fur-heavy collection. Another noticeable fabric that will be considered popular or looked at is the puffed jacket. This could be ethical and has had influenced from some type of protective gear. It could be from a life jacket or protective gear from an astronaut in space. This puffed fabric has not been considerably in style for a long time, and has made a return due to the popularity of space.

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