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Everyone knows we are living in an era where technology is basically another world within our own. That is how big technology has become. Technology is a development that is always progressing regardless of where it is in the world because it is created to make work easier. If there is a faster way to do something, we want to do it faster. If there is a more efficient way to do something, we want to do it more efficiently. Today it is almost a requirement to become technologically advanced because of the way we developed from it. From cell phones, computers, space travel, elevators, escalators, and a million of many different things all relates to technology.

Aside from that, another common characteristic of being required to be technologically savy is, how you can display that you are using your technology.  An iPhone is one of the smartest phones in the entire world which could possibly seem a little nerdy, but at the same time it is a huge trend among all age groups. For another trend example watches came back into style and more people are starting to wear watches. However, there are certain hassles one could say about both of those items; such as the iPhone doesn’t come with a headset piece for driving and in some states it is considered illegal to talk on the phone while driving. Having to hold a phone to one’s head while driving could get very dangerous, Developments in technology have been made to a phone being put into a coat or jacket to ease the consumer of work. Giving us a development of wearable technology. According to Quinn, “Their goal is to take the concept of clothing as we know it to its very limits – integrating software, communication devices, sensors and speech-recognition systems into garments to make them think for the wearer. Systems like these would give garments the capacity to surf the Internet, make telephone calls, store and retrieve computer files, monitor the wearer’s vital signs and administer medication without the wearer even noticing” (2002). All of the kinks in this idea haven’t exactly been worked out also either “Their power demands are [that the] battery might still be noticeable if you did embed’ a phone in your jacket or sweater, but progress is continuous, and the concept is no doubt feasible” (Prophet, 2004).

Wearable technology isn’t really a big topic or trend right now in 2012. It isn’t necessarily being developed for the runway, but it is being looked at seriously by medical researchers. Harris shares ” Small sensors, incorporated into patients’ clothing, could monitor their health while they go about their day-to-day lives. These devices could measure heart rate, temperature, blood pressure or brain activity” (Harris, 2008). It could stem from hospital use to celebrities just casually wearing whatever the item may be. “Catwalks are not just about top clothes, designers, supermodels,  and glamorous images”, Harris explains that wearable technology could have a more important use than just  using it.

Although that may be the case with some of the inventions, several different brands and products have come out with wearable technology lines such as We Flashy and Geek down.

& another website to check out for wearable technology is.


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