What is a Fashion Innovator?

Topic of Discussion: Fashion Innovators

If you’re reading this the chances of you being interested in fashion are very high, but you don’t have any interest in fashion at all it is easy to understand what a fashion innovator is. A fashion innovator is someone who is known for starting a trend. Typically it is someone who is confident with their tastes and preferences in clothing and is not afraid to make statements whether it is considered in style, normal, or even appropriate. Fashion innovators respond earlier than the general public to the “sensory of appeal of new silhouettes, details, and style combinations” (Brannon, 2010)  and they are to be considered the people who have the ‘it item’ first. These are the people who are known for making something in fashion popular. Without a doubt, they are the leaders of a group that are the first to adopt new fashion within their social realm (Lo. C, & Phau. I, 2004). The ‘it’ item may be nice to have and all, but usually consumers who are the first to make fashion purchases and wear new styles often pay a much larger price than fashion followers (Brannon, 2010).

Who are these people do you ask? Well, it could be extremely easy to spot a fashion innovator because they seem to be wearing something unique or bold. At the same time a fashion innovator could be sporting an outfit that seems unpopular or maybe even considered ugly when first looked at , but little do we know that  it could possibly be one of the next popular trends! Some innovators don’t even know they are innovators because to them expressing their individuality through clothing is considered norm. With others, some also just know that people will be looking at what they are wearing for inspiration whether it is good or bad.  Some innovators today such as celebrities who function as advisors, role models, and etc. are looked at by consumers to represent an ideal image (Brannon, 2010).

Without these fashionable leaders, what would we do?Personally, it’s extremely hard to imagine and seems impossible. Today, everything is a copy of a copy or to get a better idea the reason something was made is because of inspiration from something else. Originality is almost dead, which is why so many people rely on fashion innovators.Without these people fashion could possibly considered static.  According to Stanforth,” the tendency of consumers to seek out new styles allows the fashion industry to flourish” (1995). The fashion industry would never progress and trendy hipsters like myself wouldn’t have anything to shop for.

Here are a few examples of major fashion innovators:

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2 thoughts on “What is a Fashion Innovator?

  1. qianqianzheng

    As a fashion follower, I’d like to watch what fashion innovators wear before I shopping. I have same feeling as you, if there are no fashion innovators I may not know what need to buy. I hope I can always in style, it is hard to image fashion industry without fashion innovators.


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